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Bartender Training

Congratulations on your choice to enter the exciting and rewarding profession of bar tending! You are entering a field that can be fast-paced, full of action and fun! You’ll meet plenty of interesting people along the way, and you can earn a comfortable living too.

You are entering into a field that offers great opportunity for those with a good personality and work ethic! Good bartenders are always in high demand, and new bars and restaurants open all the time.

Becoming a bartender can take some work. While official training is not a necessity, it is definitely a good idea to consider, and should help you to land a more exclusive bar tending post.

A bartender is a person paid to serve alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks at a licensed establishment. It is up to a bartender to provide quality service to customers, while at the same time making sure that their customers do not become too intoxicated. Bartenders can be employed at Pubs & Taverns, neighborhood bars & restaurants, hotel bars, special events or even through catering companies.

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