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What is a barback?

Being a barback is essentially being a bartender’s assistant. A barback’s duties are determined by the establishment, but they are usually activities like getting ice, slicing fruits, lifting glassware, changing kegs of beer, stocking beer and liquor and cleaning. As a barback, you won’t need to deal with customers directly. Your duties are to serve the bartender and assist the bartender in any way they see fit.

Being a barback is not glamorous, and it is often grueling work. Barbacks often work longer hours than bartenders, and must be there from open to close in many instances. But, being a barback can often lead into becoming a bartender. So, it just might be worth it to pay your dues as a barback first. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the industry, and you’ll learn to deal with the different personalities that fill the hospitality world.

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